Greta’s Baby Portraits – Denver Baby Photographer

I LOVE photographing babies! Nine month old Greta stole a little piece of my heart in just a half hour in Cheesman Park. She was so happy and expressive, giggling at us and ripping apart the dandelions we gave her. The results are adorable- just see for yourself!! 

Email me   –   978 595 2287 to book your family session!


What a perfect little monster. 

Dandelions.. those are good to eat, right?

Every precious moment is accompanied by clawing of mommy’s face.

Greta’s aunt joined in the fun! Three great smiles on three awesome women.

She is a darling.

You will always know when the baby’s session is over. “No more pictures, please.” Love this!

Thank you for sharing your precious daughter with me and for having me to capture your family moments. 

To book: Email me   –   978 595 2287

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