Katrina’s Headshots – Denver Portrait Photographer

This short and sweet portrait session with Katrina of Katrina Rogers Movement was the perfect opportunity to show off what can be accomplished in just a half hour on a beautiful spring day in Colorado. Just bring your face and your favorite outfits. If you don’t love your photos from me, you’ll get a 100% refund! 

Headshots – $145  

Email me   –   978 595 2287

Katrina is extremely easy to photograph as she is so happy all the time! 

Give me a break! She is a stunner.

Katrina needed to turn the camera to me to capture my awesome shooting position. I’m actually only a gigantic silver blob with a head. 

These are my favorites- pure Katrinaness!

RAWR! You know the funnies are going to be good! 

Headshots – $145  

Email me   –   978 595 2287

  1. Phenomenal photos. The choice to take them outside was great. The natural light and the clothing colors are beautiful.

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