Cyrus’s Dance & Headshot Session – Red Rocks Photographer

Here’s an awesome recent session at a place I’ve always wanted to shoot- Red Rocks amphitheatre! My friend Cyrus, a fantastic professional ballet dancer, breezed into town for two days last week. It was time to update his headshots and have approximately too much fun creating rad dance photographs amid the rocky landscape.
Whatever you need photographed this year, book me soon!

Email me – 978 595 2287.

We started with his shirt on, but it didn’t last..

Let’s just say that photographing excessively attractive people is only one of the many things I love about my job.

Time to take advantage of the mad skills this man has and make him dance in front of the dramatic red rock background! (Don’t worry, he does take his shirt off again. Keep scrolling.)

Watching Cyrus dance is so easy on the eyes. 

We interrupt this portrait session to bring you a wild and beautiful red fox, who sauntered through our photoshoot and stole the spotlight. 

Now, in the amphitheater itself! 

Cyrus’s body and movements are gorgeous. The bottom image is one of my all time favorites. 

Another great thing about Cyrus is that he is willing to do ridiculous poses on whatever precarious, narrow ledges I ask! Check out his muscle definition as he grabs the moon in our final photo.

Time for everyone’s favorites- the funnies! Apparently the fence I “suggested” he stand on was not very stable. 

Top row, from left to right: Tons of laughing; a holy sunburst shines forth from his crotch; and it was a little bit cold. The bottom row is what happens when I say “Do something.”

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