Aimee’s Dance & Headshots Session – Denver, CO Photographer

Aimee picked the perfect weather for our lunchtime session to give her killer headshots and photos of her passion- partner dancing! You can check out her website and hire her for private lessons here, and after seeing the moves she busted during this session, you’re going to want to do that ASAP! I could have shot with Aimee for hours- and in only an hour and a half, she received over 300 edited images, delivered within a week! Here are my favorites.

Email me – 978 595 2287

We started in the shade at Cheesman park, then played in the sunlight and cavorted in trees! 

How radiant is this lady?! 

When the breeze picked up we just had to play with her scarf, and got some of my favorite images from the whole day! I just love the whimsical, whirling color and natural smile on Aimee. 

The phenomenal Katrina Rogers joined us to showcase Aimee’s skills as a leader, kicking off an hour-long laugh fest between the three of us. Music, dance, friends and photography on a warm spring day- how awesome is my job? 

You can see how much fun the girls were having together in every spot that I made them dance. Rather, I couldn’t STOP them from dancing!

Friendship is a beautiful thing. If you’re ever concerned about how you’ll feel during a photosession, book yours with a friend! 

I couldn’t end a blog post without a highlight reel of Katrina’s ridiculousness. You’re welcome.

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