Casara’s Headshots – Denver Portrait Photographer

The awesome and talented Casara, DVM, met me on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver for one of the most fun sessions of this spring. When I asked her what her goals were for her portraits, she shrugged and said, “I just wanted to hang out with you because you’re fun.” That’s a huge compliment! Predictably, we had a great time laughing in the warm spring air and predictably, I’m taking all the credit for her looking this good. 

Headshots – $145  

Email me   –   978 595 2287

“I will tell everyone that you’re awesome!  Thanks, first and mostly, for spending such a lovely afternoon with me and for the laughs!  And then on top of that, thanks for the fantabulous photos!  Seeing them absolutely made my day!” – Casara

I don’t need to tell you how beautiful Casara is, but I’m going to. With pictures. 

This is my favorite from the shoot – I love spring! Oh and Casara is okay too I guess. 

Headshots – $145  

Email me   –   978 595 2287

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