Emma’s Graduation Portraits – Regis University Photographer

Another AWESOME Denver area portrait session this week with the awesome and gorgeous Emma! We met on the Regis University campus for some celebratory portraits as Emma is about to graduate in just a few short weeks! I’m thrilled that she asked me to help capture this milestone. Congratulations!!

Headshots – $145  

Email me   –   978 595 2287

Emma wrote me a fabulous testimonial! “Lucy is an absolute gem, such a blast to work with, and her work is freaking fantastic. I had such a blast and I’m more than thrilled with the results!” Thank you!

Stunner alert! Emma has this glowing natural smile. It doesn’t hurt that we were laughing THE WHOLE TIME. 

Some fun graduation shots in front of Regis’ most iconic building. CAUTION: Confident, intelligent woman blooming! Look out, world!

Emma picked out this gorgeous Flowering Crabapple to shoot under.. I wish I could take credit for how beautiful these photos are, but look what I had to work with! Give me a break, Emma!

Headshots – $145  

Email me   –   978 595 2287

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