April & John – The Grandview Wedding Photographer

Get ready for a super fun and beautiful wedding blog! April & John are the couple you wish for- kind, appreciative, super good looking, and head over wheels for each other! Every part of the day was special and full of joy, from April getting ready in her blue wedding gown, their first look, romance in a pumpkin patch, a laughter-packed ceremony at the Grandview and their spectacular first dance. But really, stop reading this and just see for yourself! Congratulations to you both and I wish you so many more years of happiness! 

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April is stunning with this unique dress and flowers in her hair- she even had a first look with herself! 

John was beaming all day.. and I can’t get enough of their adorable first look! 

It was a super fun ceremony and John couldn’t help tearing up when April came down the aisle with her parents, even after the first look! 

Their spectacular first dance kicked off a crazy dance set with Night Shift. 

Then things got crazy in the photobooth!

These photos were taken for Stephen Whiting of Rob Spring Photography. 

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