Wolfe Pack Family Portraits – Albany, NY Family Portrait Photographer

Wolfe Pack! Siblings, parents, couples, the whole family fun pack! My favorite Wolfe took care of all her family’s holiday gifts by hiring me for one session with her whole family and their SO. Everyone looked great, got awesome photos with their family, and had a fun afternoon! Beautiful light, an awesome backyard, cute couples, crazy faces & photobombs, leaf throwing, tree peeking- what more could a photographer ask for! Thanks everyone!

Family Portraits – $250 with DVD 

Email Me   –   978 595 2287

The Wolfe pack photoshoot would not be complete without some of Casey’s Famous Photobombs. 

Graham and Emmalyn – TOO MUCH CUTE!

Casey & Patrick are ridiculadorable. 

Steffen & Beth were not to be outdone- how is everyone so good looking in this family?!

They practice for hours every day on these faces. 

Some families have their own ideas as to what to do during a photoshoot, and it’s awesome!

LOVE these photos of Mom & Dad. 

Even in late fall, we found this gorgeous maple – some of my favorite photos of the whole day were right at the end! 

  1. I absolutely love these photos! You guys and gals did great on poses and creative ideas. Way to go Wolfe family, you all look so awesome! Great job to the photographer as well, I love your work.

  2. Thank you Jennifer! They rock!

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