Rachel & Sam’s Engagement – Capitol Region, NY Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer is the best job, and Rachel & Sam’s family engagement session made me look forward to their May 2015 wedding even more! Their cute-as-pie 2 year old daughter and flowergirl in training, Evangeline, joined us in Washington park for a daytime E-session bursting with love and adorableness! Evi is bouncy, happy and truly a joy- I have to admit she stole my heart and she and I are BFFs. Scroll down to see how your “all purpose photographer” became a playground for her while I was shooting! Oh, and did I mention Rachel and Sam being hilariously fun to work with, and so sweet on each other all day?! Stop reading this and just look at their gorgeous faces!!

 Rachel left me blushing with her compliments when she saw her photos! “The pics came out amazing! They are absolutely adorable. You and your assistant are AWESOME!!!!  Thank you for making it a fun and amazing experience and for being so patient with us and the little one, I know she can be challenging, you did so great!”

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Sometimes we shoot family portraits, and sometimes we throw leaves. 

Rachel and Sam are all about the fun, silly, crazy, chaotic moments we call family. I love happy people!

Now you may have been wondering where Evi was during those awesome romantic moments, and here’s your answer- she was riding me like a horse! Side by side of what Rachel and Sam see.. and what I see! Note- if you are over 3 years of age, pulling Lucy’s ponytail as if it were a horse’s reigns is forbidden. 😉

Stop being so gorgeous, too many great photos! (But really, don’t stop.)

I’m a sucker for this sweet face and she knows it. ❤

These two can’t stop giggling around each other! Rachel is so beautiful – can’t get enough of those eyes!

  1. These images are amazing!!!

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