Chelsea & Andrew’s Engagement Session – Little Falls, NY Wedding Photographer

Chelsea & Andrew’s Engagement session is here and Oh. My. Gosh!! It’s insanely pretty and romantic. Chelsea had picked out spots around her family’s farm and on the trails behind Andrew’s house, and I came with a ton of ideas too. I don’t need to tell you how gorgeous and in love they are- just scroll down and see for yourself!! Now I can’t wait for their August 2015 wedding!

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When Chelsea saw her photos, she had this to say about me: (Direct quote) “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! You got them done so fast!!!!!! I’m so so so happy we found you!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ <3”

These are two good looking people who look even better together! 

It was so fun and meaningful to shoot outside the house Chelsea grew up in. And did I mention that she is insanely beautiful?!

Quick change and to the swings at Andrew’s house, where he likes to push her so high on the swings that his feet don’t touch the ground..

Walking around the trails behind Andrew’s house, absolutely everything was pretty- the orchard, dock, lake reflection, woods trails.. oh, and the people.

We had to include some shots of them on the four wheeler and motorcycle that they ride together. The sunset light was just perfect! 

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