Ryan’s Newborn and Family Session – Albany, NY Family Portrait Photographer

And the Cutest Family Of The Year award goes to… The Duryeas! Warning, this blog post is FULL of adorable family moments!! They welcomed baby Ryan just ten days before their session, and already two year old big sister June is so gentle and sweet on the baby- you can tell they are going to be close. We had perfect weather and started outside in this great little backyard spot.

Family & Newborn Portraits: $250 with DVD / $205 with Prints / $175 Session only

Email Me or 978 595 2287 to book.

After seeing her photos, Mrs Duryea sent me this awesome testimonial. “These are beautiful, adorable, sweet.. they are all so amazing. I cannot stop looking at them. I love how they are all so natural and the ones of June really capture her personality! I was so so impressed at how you interacted with June–and Ryan of course. I can’t believe how fast you got us these too.  You were so easy and fun to work with. I am super impressed and I will be recommending you to all our friends!” – Mary

At this point in the session I thought it couldn’t get any better- and then Dad cradled Ryan in his arms  with Mary & June walking in the background! Love June’s surprised face as well as I was playing peekaboo around a tree.

We stepped inside and while Mom changed her shirt (Definitely had nothing to do with Ryan… nope) I got a tour of June’s big girl room! 

These tender moments with Mom & Dad just melt my heart!

(Below left) June became my assistant when she offered to hold my reflector for me.. little did she know she was the subject too! And she is just too cute with that hat! 

  1. Lorraine Witkowski September 12, 2014 at 8:10 PM

    You have done a beautiful job capturing the love and beauty of Chris, Mary, June and Ryan. They are the loves of my life – being their Nana, I can say that. You captured June’s beautiful blue eyes along with her devilish side and her loving side. Ryan is so alert and has his eyes open a lot and you took advantage of every moment they were open. Thank you for the wonderful memories I will cherish through your work.

  2. Beautiful photography and especially love the black and white shots.

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