Cayden & Kristien – North Chatham Horse Photographer

Another awesome summer session that turned out to be one of my favorites of the whole year! Cayden is a seven year old handsome horse with a mind of his own, and Kristien is his biggest fan- and the only thing better than the two of them individually is them together!

Pet session – $170 with DVD / $160 with Prints / $115 session only

Inquiries: Email Me  / 978 595 2287

Kristien took a good slobbering every now and then. 

Kristien told me that Cayden was handsome, but she didn’t mention that she was basically a supermodel! Yowza! 

Kristien changed into a riding outfit and I tagged along as we traversed the trails. I can’t get over how beautiful they are together, from galloping through the field to cuddling in a patch of goldenrod blooms and splashing in the water complex.. all of these are my favorites!

I love my job! 

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