Lindsay & Linus’s Engagement Session – New England Wedding Photographer

Oh my gosh! My big brother is engaged! Lindsay has been part of the family from the start, and we are all thrilled that they are tying the knot next year. I traveled to Limerick, Maine, the site of their wedding for this awesome engagement session. If you’ve ever thought of rescheduling a session because it’s not sunny, think again: These gorgeous photos were all shot on a dark, cloudy day- it even rained on us. 

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Love the looks these two exchange – they are clearly so happy together! My favorite!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lindsay is SO beautiful!!

Love Linus’s smiles here!

For these above photos by the lakeshore, I was submerged up to my chest in Lake Arrowhead and its muck- worth it! Finally, these portraits just warm my heart- my family is awesome (and dashingly good looking!).

  1. These are so special…thank you for such a wonderful shoot!

  2. Awesome work, what a beautiful, and peaceful place to photograph the love-birds (Linus and Lindsay 🙂 Outstanding photos!

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