Che & Nina’s Pet Portraits: Pet Portrait Photographer

While staying with my Aunt and Uncle in New Zealand, it was the least I could do to pamper their kids with a photo session. Che and Nina are two silly and goofy boxers who just love people and would maul me with kisses if I had allowed them to. 

Pet Portrait sessions 

$170 with DVD / $160 with Prints / $115 session only

Inquiries: Email Me  / 978 595 2287

Che is the boy on the left with only half his face white; Nina on the left has a fully white boxer face. 

Nina is such a goof. She needed to be in my lap while I was taking her photo.

Che is definitely his Daddy’s boy. 

  1. Maryann Broderick April 22, 2014 at 5:07 PM

    Lucy, thanks for the photos – you have captured their personalities brilliantly 🙂

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