Ribbon’s Pet Portraits: Capitol Region Pet Photographer

Ribbon is a sweet, people loving rabbit who is very closely bonded with her human, Dawn. When Ribbon was given a terminal diagnosis at the amazing age of eleven, Dawn called me to get some cute photos of Ribbon. We spent almost two hours together in their home and got a ton of great photos for Dawn to keep in memory of her beloved companion. I loved creating these photos for her to keep- my job is so rewarding! 

Pet session packages: 

$170 with DVD / $160 with Prints / $115 session only

Inquiries: Email Me  / 978 595 2287


As a younger bunny, Ribbon spent a lot of her time on the dining table, so it was fitting to do photos of her there. Love the touch of fresh flowers. 

We really took our time, making sure she was comfortable at all times. By switching backgrounds we got a huge variety of photos, including these close up details- can’t get enough of her bunny nose!

Finally, Dawn and Ribbon together. These photos are so special to her, and I’m glad I get to create these memories for them. 

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