New Zealand – March 27th


Continued from March 26th

Got up before dawn yet again and photographed the stars over milford sound. Dawn was simple and blue, and the sun took forever to come over the high peaks.    

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My boat cruise in the sound was only $50 because it was the first of the day, maybe the best money I’ve ever spent. The views from the boat were so dramatic and majestic, it is unbelievable how grand the whole place is.

As we got out to the Tasman sea, about 30 dolphins surrounded the boat and played and jumped in the waves right below me, and my heart was leaping right along with them. Then the sun burst over the ridge and lit up the dolphins.. 

Another awesome waterfall I’ve always wanted to see- Stirling falls. Even better than I’d imagined. Just for scale here- the falls themselves are just over five hundred feet tall! (155 meters.)

After two hours on the water, the cruise was over and I shot more Milford sound scenes before starting the drive back to Te Anau.

I checked out most of the short walks I hadn’t done on the way in; going to The Chasm, a really deep smooth black chasm with roaring river water at the bottom- and walkways right over it!  

I went to Marian Lake falls (really just a powerful river, not much falling but plenty of roaring.)

And then the remote Humboldt falls, the tallest in NZ or something- nice, but several long drops just doesn’t have the same effect as one long one. A Kea begged me for food in a parking lot- but it did not succeed. 

My campsite for the night is on the edge of lake Te Anau and was a good sunset spot. Blue mountains, no clouds, gold sky, slippery rocky beach.

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

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