New Zealand – March 26


Continued from March 25th

I woke up in freezing Glenorchy and shot a wonderful sunrise at the marina. The sun came up behind me and lit the tops of the mountains like candles. I was very surprised to be the only photographer out there, Glenorchy is a very well photographed place.. but then you factor in how cold it was that morning, and I guess I understand- the rest of them are just wimps. I had to return to my car twice to warm up, and wait for the sun to rise more. Once it was fully up, a clatter of photographers descended upon the landscape. They each had at least one, if not two nicer-than-mine cameras, but they still used their iPhones (?!).

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I began my drive to Te Anau along the south border of lake Wakatipu, which was beautiful even in late morning. Wispy clouds hung in front of the mountains above the lake, but they were kind enough to not obscure the peaks.  

I also followed some signs for an antique steam train to take photos for my Dad- but to make a long story short there turned out to be no locomotive. 

Another stop was at a Scientific Reserve in the middle of nowhere, with alpine shrubs of significance.

I passed Te Anau and continued on the Milford Road, through the impressive Homer Tunnel. I stopped a few times on the extremely scenic route, the mountains are dominating and extreme, grey and steep with crisp, sharp ridges. Waterfalls casually fell, ice topped peaks were suddenly everywhere. 

Late afternoon saw me in Milford sound, gorgeous but totally infested with sand flies that only worsened as it got later. I took approximately a bazillion pictures.

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

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