New Zealand – March 24th


Continued from March 23rd.

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

Sunrise was glorious, and even better was the fact that I didn’t have to walk far to get awesome views of the blue sky and pink cloud linings, right next to the giant mountain face overlooking the lake of Hawea. Behind me, the first pink light of day spread across some high peaks in the distance.

Once the sun was up, I drove back to Wanaka, and upon a new friend’s recommendation, I hiked three hours (think very steep) to the summit of …it’s just called ‘rocky summit’ actually, in the Diamond Lake reservation a few miles outside of the town. I was rewarded with lovely forest, including the singing of bellbirds, grassland, yellow lupines, a jackrabbit, and of course, a 360 degree view of the mountains on all sides from the top. Most of the highest peaks were engulfed in clouds, but it was still a wonderful view. 

I drove south through the Crown Pass, and stopped in Arrowtown to walk along the river. It reminded me of New England in the fall, and was thus a little underwowed and moved on before long. 

 I rode the Skyline Gondola in Queenstown for the afternoon, evening and twilight view out over the town and lake Wakatipu. These views were awesome. 

Remember that time I fell off the mountain while taking my own photo? And here I am on the luge, only 15089km from home. 

I treated myself to some jelly beans at the Jelly Belly store (an entire store of jelly beans at the top of a mountain.. brilliant.) and then rode back down and drove a few miles west along the shore of lake Whakitipu to a campsite, where I took these starry photos of the night sky.

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

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