New Zealand- March 15th


Continued from March 14th.

I slept in because Tropical Storm Luci came into New Zealand this day and the next.  The winds started gusting quite strongly, disrupting the black swans on Lake Taupo.

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 Driving southwest towards Tongariro National Park, I stopped a few times for pockets of sunlight as it started to rain and clouds soon completely covered the landscape.

Later in the day.. HOLY COW, There is a rainbow all over the landscape and IT IS A DOUBLE RAINBOW, a full, beautiful arch too wide for my widest angle lens. Heck yes! It was still raining, and it was gorgeous. 

This image is a stitch of 7 vertical frames at 28mm. I’m standing on the hill that casts the shadow into the foreground. Behind all those clouds are Ruapehu and Ngoruhoe. 


Then I looked behind me- the sun setting through the rain and haze was even more beautiful than the rainbow. These turned out to be some of my favorite images on the whole north island. 

You can purchase prints of these images (and more) here!


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