New Zealand – March 13th


Continued from March 12th

I got up at 5:30am for the short drive to cathedral cove carpark, for yet another cloudy sunrise. I was disappointed. However, as the sun got higher, the clouds burned off and beautiful fresh morning light hit the archway.  I got hit by another wave, which got the entire backside of my pants wet so it looked like I’d had a catastrophic “accident”. 

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I then drove to Karangahake Gorge for a walk through an old gold mining complex. Surprisingly, the mine shafts and tunnels are not blocked off to the public, and some of them are part of the trail complexes. There are no barriers to stop you from falling off cliffs, and no signposts in the tunnels, and they just say to “bring a torch”. I brought a flashlight and I still chickened out from going very far into the tunnels.  

Just a few miles beyond Karangahake is Owharoa falls.

I spent the night in Matata, a small town on the east coast of New Zealand. My campsite was literally just a place to park my car a stone’s throw from the beach; I couldn’t see the ocean for the dunes. The sunset was lovely, as there are some small mountains just west of Matata over which the sun set, with the golden ocean spray and kittiwakes and terns sleeping on the sand.

You can purchase prints of these images (and more) here!

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