New Zealand – March 12, 2014


Continued from March 11th.

Another early morning hike back to New Chums beach. Sunrise was cloudy and a little disappointing again, but I was the only one there in paradise, and eventually the sun broke through the clouds and the morning light was great. I keep pushing my luck with waves in the foregrounds of my photos, getting closer and closer to the splashing, and this time I got hit big time with water pouring in over the top of my boot and soaking my right side, however the camera was just fine and the photo was worth it. 

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After photos on the beach, I walked back to my car and found the van didn’t start. Battery dead. I’d left my parking lights on for a few hours yesterday, but I hadn’t thought it was long enough to kill the battery. Anyway, along came some tourists who didn’t have jumper cables, but kindly drove me the mile up the road to the store where there was “lots of activity”. I met a few townspeople who conspired together to get a truck with jumper cables back to me and my van. Soon, I carried on to the holiday park where I had a reservation.  “You’ve got The Spot”, they said. The best one with the best seaside view. It was very hot so I walked 300 feet to the ocean, where I swam- ish. I was standing there in the water minding my own business when I suddenly felt A CRAB MOVE ACROSS MY FOOT. Swimming was over.

My next sunset trip (check: van lights are off) was to Cathedral Cove. Overall I thought the cove was a little underwowing- the swarms of iPad-wielding, selfie-taking, standing-in-front of-the-beauty-with-silly-hats-on tourists was too much. I did have fun taking pictures of course, for many hours. You won’t see the tourists in these photos, as I used my ND filter to create long exposures that blur people out of existence. 

I hiked back to my car and then to the campsite to catch the last light over the offshore islands. 

You can purchase prints of these images (and more) here!


  1. Beautifully taken as always. I love revisiting the memories via your photos…..

  2. Absolutely stunning photos!

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