New Zealand – March 11th


Continued from March 10th.

I got up at some ungodly hour before dawn and started the hike up to the pinnacles again for sunrise. Another grueling hike down (I was packing in a sleeping bag, two cameras, three lenses, the tripod, water, and some food to take up any leftover space.)  Despite wearing in my hiking boots, I’d developed some blisters so to pass the discomfort, I invented a “drinking game” to make sure I stayed hydrated. Every time I passed another hiker, I drank water. Every time I crossed a swing bridge, or passed a rat trap, or a directional sign, or if I saw a bird, or when I slipped on a wet rock, I drank water. I was very well hydrated. 

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I stopped and got out to take photos many times on my drive north along the coastal scenic byway of the Coromandel. This is the Firth Of Thames- the water really is that color.

Crabs. Not your friendly little tidepool ones, not harmless cute dead ones, but real big creepy ones that always see you before you see them. Their legs click against the rock and you’re not sure which rock it’s under. Now I like creepy little things, but seeing them lurk takes away the sanctuary of barefoot beach combing. There are also weirdo rocks everywhere.

After a 30 minute walk over a rocky beach, I arrived at the unspoiled New Chums beach, rated one of the top ten beaches worldwide. I found some awesome shells, took zillions of pictures, AND THEN I SAW FLYING FISH FLYING! Golly.

The last pink light of sunset on the shore and offshore rock/islands. 

Stay tuned for the next New Zealand post, and don’t forget, You can purchase prints of these images HERE!

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